Cloud Computing

Our business is built on cloud computing services and helping companies leverage cloud to accelerate their transformation. We work with two main cloud service providers.

We have deep technical and architectural experience across the full Azure suite of products. We have helped our clients throughout the lifecycle of their cloud journey, from defining their Cloud strategy to participating in their implementation, optimising their existing environment and providing assurance.

We are an AWS enterprise service provider enabling customers’ cloud strategy, migrations, training, new ways of working, cloud native builds, support, managed services, architecture and consulting.


The sustainability practice is built on the principle of increasing efficiency in all that we do. Whilst the FinOps practice is really focused on internal financial drivers and optimizing cloud spend, GreenOps is more focused on making technology choices which reduce the carbon footprint of the infrastructure and ultimately the full technology stack. Implementing a sustainability platform provides organisations with the mechanism to establish their own sustainability goals and assimilate the data required to be able to monitor progress.


Our security practice consists of a range of different services which we offer to our clients. We are able to undertake strategy and architecture work, helping our clients to define the strategic approach and / or roadmap. As companies migrate onto the cloud, so their approach to security needs to adapt. We are able to support our clients in implementing the appropriate security posture across Data, Application and API components. This is underpinned by expertise in Cloud Security.


Our Automation practice encompasses DevSecOps Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. We have extensive experience in embedding these disciplines into companies aspiring to change. We believe that sustainable change can only be achieved when the technical and the cultural dimensions are addressed in our service offering.


There is an immense amount of inherent value embedded in company data. In order to realise this value, a well defined data strategy should be accompanied by the appropriate architecture and implementation team. We specialise in helping our clients transform data into usable assets through consulting and project services.


Our networking practice focuses predominantly on the supply of software driven networking equipment, which support data centre, campus and cloud connectivity. As companies migrate to cloud, there is increased operational risk which is placed on the stability and resilience of the network. We support our clients as the navigate their network modernization




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