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Cloud Financial Management: Getting the basics right

Many enterprises are well on their way with their cloud migration journey and most will be facing one common challenge: spiralling cloud costs. One of the benefits punted for making the decision to migrate to the cloud is the cost-saving [...]

When Cloud Patterns Become Anti-Patterns

By Lawrence Reddy, Chief Technology Office Published 4 May 2021, Brainstorm Cloud Patterns are well-defined prescriptions organisations use to move to the cloud and can fit into all aspects of the cloud journey, whether it is infrastructure architecture, application architecture, [...]

Clear Up Your Cloud Strategy

When making that all-important move to the cloud, you should be clear on your objectives before choosing single, multi, or hybrid cloud. So says Vaxowave co-founder and MD, Peter Rix, who adds that when we talk about a multi-cloud strategy, [...]

Kumi Luvhani – Changing the Narrative

Kume Luvhani achieved success early on, testimony to the power of her highly individual approach to life. She’s a classic rara avis, the rare bird that breaks accepted stereotypes. At 32, she’s already been a director of a major [...]

Kume Luvhani: Interview With Bridgelabs

This year, Bridge Labs commemorates #Women's month through honoring five generations (5G) of women in technology. Women have been in the front lines of fighting for the rights and freedom for themselves and others who are oppressed. They have always [...]