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We are an AWS enterprise service provider enabling customers’ cloud strategy, migrations, training, new ways of working, cloud native builds, support, managed services, architecture and consulting.

Vaxowave has been awarded an AWS Partner Network (APN) Certification Distinction, for having collectively achieved 50 AWS Certifications.

Client Testimonials

“Old Mutual Africa Regions (OMAR) engaged Vaxowave to build an architecture which enables all countries to utilise the same base architecture for common functionality, whilst still enabling each country to have their unique functionality available to them.  The architecture was built using AWS EKS pods which integrated into multiple application for the end to end business value stream to be enabled. The implementation was based on the AWS well architected framework and utilised service such as AWS KMS, AWS Secrets manager and AWS CloudWatch for security and monitoring. Part of this implementation was a migration from each country data centre into AWS. This implementation has given Old Mutual the ability to implement changes seamlessly to each country whilst ensuring a base build, automation and security. Vaxowave followed the methodology starting with an Assessment and Design phase, followed by the implementation phase, and then a migration phase. The outcome of this project was to simplify the OMAR countries architecture and migrate to the AWS Cloud with the Old Mutual’s AWS cloud first strategy”

“Old Mutual Rest of Africa engaged Vaxowave to migrate their Nigeria insurance applications from their Data Centre into AWS cloud with the intent to shut down their data centre. Vaxowave followed the methodology starting with an Assessment and Design phase, followed by the upgrade and mobilise phase, and then actually moving to the migration and delivery phase. The outcome of this project was to align the Nigeria based business with the Old Mutual’s AWS cloud first strategy. The migration has resulted in the ability to deal compute using the elastic nature of AWS, bringing scale, cost optimisation and reliability to the forefront of the Nigeria Business.”

“Old Mutual commissioned the services of Vaxowave to help them with the migration of their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform from their Data centre into the AWS cloud. The objective of the migration was driven by a concentrated focus around ensuring improved stability, reliability, and cost optimisation. Vaxowave followed the AWS Well-Architected Framework of Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost optimisation to ensure a build of the most secure, high performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for their ECM application. This migration to AWS cloud has resulted in the Old Mutual business having increased stability and reliability as per the stated objective.”

“Vaxowave in partnership with Old Mutual are proud to have been part of the implementation and launch of a modern Master Data Management (MDM) capability which sits on Amazon Web Services. This platform allows a true 360-degree view of all Old Mutuals clients and advisors. The launch has enabled Old Mutual to further embed their ‘purpose-led technology’ strategy, while decoupling from legacy platforms.

The end-to-end solution includes new API’s designed to protect the up and down stream business users from the scale of this change; is built and hosted using several AWS services including EC2, S3, RDS PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Lambda, and API Gateway.”

Case Studies

Old Mutual engaged Vaxowave to build out their Platform using Site Reliability Engineering techniques to improve performance and stability on the enterprise-wide strategic business process engineering and workflow application. One of the core tasks incorporated into this service was to collaborate with both AWS and Old Mutual in the migration of the application to AWS.

This resulted in a significant annual cost reduction, achieved higher stability and performance outputs, along with improved availability and resilience across the entire workflow application. These tangible improvements in the non-functional elements of this platform can be attributed to using site reliability concepts made easier with the use of AWS capabilities.

Vaxowave worked closely with Old Mutual to move their enterprise integration platform from Windows to Linux and to migrate it from on-premise onto the AWS cloud. This is part of the data centre migration strategy, and this move has enabled additional support and scalability on a high volume mission critical platform. It is a significant milestone in the strategic move to cloud

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