Our experience, holistic skillset and strategic partnerships position us perfectly to successfully provide custom-tailored technology solutions, supported by the necessary advisory, project management and services capability. This is enabled through our understanding of the balance of stability, cost, efficiency, future-proofing and user experience.

We encourage our clients to adopt everything as code, underpinned by mastering software engineering practices. This should provide benefit of increased speed of delivery, improved reliability, scalability and improvements in security and
risk posture.

Our Core Solutions

IT Consulting

Vaxowave offers a range of IT consulting services. We undertake system audits, Request for Proposal (RFP) engagements and Quality Assurance Assessments of IT systems to determine future-fitness alignment to enterprise strategy.

We make it our priority to understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of our clients’ products, which empowers the organisation with information such as understanding the value of a product once the cost is fully understood.

Cloud: Migrations & Development

As an AWS Advanced Partner and a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner, Vaxowave is best positioned to assist enterprises on their cloud migration journey.

Whether it is deciding on single, multi-cloud, hybrid, or development of the entire cloud strategy, we can assist.

We offer services to ensure enterprises are cloud-ready; and provide guidance and support to ensure the benefits of the cloud are unlocked, as enterprises take this important step. 

Futuristic Technology Architecture

We provide advisory and design services in terms of well-architected frameworks on AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The framework is based on five pillars of architecture excellence:

  • Cost Optimization
  • Operational Excellence
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Security

FinOps & Cloud Cost Optimisation

Vaxowave has certified FinOps resources. FinOps is the practice of bringing Finance and Operations together to collaborate and bringing financial accountability to distributed teams. At Vaxowave we can facilitate this practice and upskill you to ensure you make the best decisions with regards to your cloud spend.

Cloud Cost Optimisation: Vaxowave will also help you assess your current cloud environment to determine the most optimal path to select in managing your cloud usage.


DevSecOps automates the integration of security at every phase of the software development lifecycle. It brings the disciplines of development, security, and operations together to collaborate.

The embedment of this practice is reliant on the People, Process, Technology and Governance. Vaxowave can enable you with advice on technology tools and governance, and on running initiatives to take your teams on the journey and to help you embed this culture.

Data Migrations, Virtualisation & Analytics

We can assist enterprises with data migration, data virtualisation and data analytics to enable enterprises to obtain a single view of their customers.

This enables you to manage data storage costs through the elimination of duplicated data sources and ease of data retrieval and migration of data to the cloud.

Cloud Solutions Assessment

We offer services to help customers on their cloud journey and enable transformation through a process of:

  • Assessing and discovery
  • Planning and deciding
  • Migrating
  • Optimisation and embedment

Software Defined Networking, Security & Monitoring

We understand and can provide advisory services in respect of networking, security and monitoring.

We have created partnerships with various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) to help enterprises transition to software-defined services.

We help our clients move to:

  • Futurist Technology Architecture
  • Technology Audits and Transformations
  • Internal and External Cloud (Hybrid & Multi-cloud)
  • Software Containers and Management
  • Cloud Governance and Policy
  • Cloud Economics and TCO (FinOps)
  • Automation through Codification
  • DevSecOps Culture, DevOps Tooling and Pipelines
  • Security, Landing Zones, and Cloud Tools
  • Serverless and Cloud-Native applications
  • Big Data and Data Virtualisation
  • Software Networks and Load Balancers
  • Managed services, Optimisation and Monitoring
  • Cloud Migrations

Case Studies

Old Mutual engaged Vaxowave to build out their Platform using Site Reliability Engineering techniques to improve performance and stability on the enterprise-wide strategic business process engineering and workflow application. One of the core tasks incorporated into this service was to collaborate with both AWS and Old Mutual in the migration of the application to AWS. 

This resulted in a significant annual cost reduction, achieved higher stability and performance outputs, along with improved availability and resilience across the entire workflow application. These tangible improvements in the non-functional elements of this platform can be attributed to using site reliability concepts made easier with the use of AWS capabilities

Old Mutual

Vaxowave worked closely with Old Mutual to move their enterprise integration platform from Windows to Linux and to migrate it from on-premise onto the AWS cloud. This is part of the data centre migration strategy, and this move has enabled additional support and scalability on a high volume mission critical platform. It is a significant milestone in the strategic move to cloud

Old Mutual